Thai Soup easy recipe: Love to eat soup? Make Thai soup at home, here is the recipe

Thai Soup Recipe: More or less everyone likes to eat soup. Be it an afternoon snack, or a bowl of hot soup at night instead of rice and bread.

Ingredients: Chicken breast meat 1/4 cup, medium size shrimp, asa batter, garlic batter, salt to taste, chili powder, pepper powder, egg, chili sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce, sugar, lemon juice, corn flour, oil, Minced garlic, green chillies, Thai ginger, lemongrass, mushrooms.

PoMethod: Cut the chicken lengthwise and thinly. Then wash it well, in the same way clean the shrimp. Now take the meat and prawns in a bowl and add half spoon of ginger, half spoon of garlic paste, salt to taste, half spoon of chilli powder, half spoon of pepper powder. Now mix it all well.

Then take two egg yolks in a bowl, add a little chili sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce, a spoon of sugar, a little lemon juice, salt to taste, three spoons of corn flour and chicken stock. Now mix it well.

Then add a spoonful of oil to the pan or kadai. When the oil is hot, add garlic cloves. Fry and add the marinated meat and prawns. Add some green chillies along with it. Now fry for some time. Then add 2 cups of chicken stock and a spoonful of Thai ginger. Be sure to add some lemongrass and mushrooms. Now stir a little and add the sauce that you have prepared. After stirring for a while, cook it well. Then serve the thick and hot Thai soup. Do the plating well.

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