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Thai Soup Recipe | Thai Soup easy recipe ..

Thai Soup easy recipe: Love to eat soup? Make Thai soup at home, here is the recipe Thai Soup Recipe: More or less everyone likes to eat soup. Be it an afternoon snack, or a bowl of hot soup at night instead of rice and bread. Ingredients: Chicken breast meat 1/4 cup, medium size shrimp, […]

how to Yoghurt , broken Recipe | dahi patal recipe ..

It’s also easy to make fun to eat, if you cook it this way broken He who never eats will lick his fingers Sometimes potato-potle soup will be cooked at home. But a little change can be made without eating daily potatoes. Dahi patal can be easily made at home. Here is the recipe for […]

Sandesh sweet recipe | Homemade sandesh is sweet ..

You can make a very nice dessert at home in a very short time .. A favorite sweet of Bengalis, it is called sandesh sweet in Bengali .. First of all, what will you need to make? Milk , molasses (গুড়) , cardamom powder , vinegar Method : 👇 : Milk 1 liter : Bring […]

Omelet without eggs recipe | vegetable omelette recipe ..

Be it tiffin or daily snacks for kids, every day they have to struggle to get new posts. You can keep this delicious omelette as a snack without serving that thick toast, sandwich or noodles. A little different snack will make everyone in the family happy! Omelette is the first thing that comes to mind. […]

how to katla fish cooking | recipe katla fish jhal ..

This Katla Jhal recipe, learn how to cook .. What will be needed to make Katla Jhal? Method : of making Katla jhalFirst of all, the Katla fish should be well coated with salt and turmeric. Now marinate for 15 minutes. Now you have to take the spices. Beat the mustard with 2 spoons of […]

Crispy Roasted Chickpeas in Air Fryer Recipe | Crunchy Chickpeas in air fryer ..

These Roasted Chickpeas (Aka Garbanzo Beans) are ultra-crispy, golden brown, and protein-packed snack recipe prepared with very little oil in an air fryer. Vegan, Gluten-free Ingredient : 👇👇 : Chickpeas (Channa) : Salt : Olive oil : Red chilli powder : Chaat masala : Black salt : Dry Mango Powder Method : 👇👇 Chickpeas (Channa)-1 […]

Faworki stary przepis | how to faworki przepis recipe ..

Faworki, also known as chrusty, are a traditional Polish pastry served during holidays and special occasions. Here’s a recipe to make faworki Ingredients: : 300 grams of flour : four eggs : sold : sugar : cream : spirit : Oil Method : 300 grams of flour     Separate the egg yolk from the egg […]

how to Make Samosa recipe | Samosa make ..

Today we will learn how to make Samosa Ingredient : Coriander leaves , Cashews , salt , water , Lemon , green peas , onion , green chillies. , ginger , Garlic , Turmeric , Chilli powder , Garam masala , Coriander seeds, powder , cumin seeds , oil , potatoes , Flour Method : […]

how to cranberry sauce recipe | cranberry sauce made up ..

Sure Here’s a simple recipe for homemade cranberry sauce: Ingredients:   12 fresh cranberries   1 cup granulated sugar   1 cup water   1 cinnamon stick   1/4 tsp ground cloves Instructions: Rinse the cranberries and discard any damaged or soft ones In a medium-sized saucepan, combine the sugar and water and bring to […]